Under the regulations for COSHH, Control of Asbestos, Control of Lead at Work and the HSG53, all Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) at work requires you to ensure that the selected RPE is adequate and suitable for the wearer, task and environment. To conform and provide evidence, a fit test is required.

If wearing a positive pressure breathing apparatus, studies have shown that during heavy exertion, it is possible for the pressure inside the face piece to momentarily become negative in relation to the outside atmosphere. If the face seal is not adequate this could result in inward leakage of extremely hazardous air.

Don’t leave yourselves open to prosecution.


We are happy to provide testing over the weekend (Saturdays) in order to minimise your ‘away from site’ time.


All testing will be carried out in our Barnsley office by fulling trained Fit2Fit testers.

Prices: £35.00 per face fit test, with discounts available for block bookings.


Give us a call to discuss your requirements.


Alternatively, if you require face fit testing at your place of work please get in touch direct with us to organise a chat.



It is a method for checking that a tight-fitting face piece matches the person’s facial features and seals adequately to the wearer’s face. It will also help to identify unsuitable face pieces which should not be used. There are two types of Face Fit Testing, qualitative and quantitative, depending on your requirements, including type of RPE, availability of power, and finally timeframe, will determine which is best suited to you.


Qualitative Face Fit Testing relies on a wearer’s subjective assessment of facial leakage. The method uses a nebuliser of a bitter or sweet tasting substance to challenge the mask’s seal throughout a series of tests. The test takes around twenty minutes and requires the user to wear a hood over their head and shoulders. The user will put on the RPE and secure it in position, then the hood will be fitted over their head and once in place, the bitter or sweet substance will be sprayed into the hood throughout the various exercises. If the substance is not tasted or smelt then the Face Fit Test has been successful, if it is tasted or smelt the RPE will be adjusted and the test repeated. Qualitative face fit testing can only be carried out on half masks and disposable masks.


Face Fit Testing is required for all of the following types of RPE masks:

  • Disposable half masks
  • Re-usable filter or cartridge half masks


It is a requirement that customers being tested with tight fitting RPE must be clean shaven to ensure an accurate fit test. Facial hair/stubble can allow enough space for contaminated air to fit through the seal and therefore allowing the user to inhale it. For customers that do not wish to be clean shaven or cannot shave for medical and religious reasons, alternative forms of RPE are available upon request.