The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is a national accreditation body recognised by the UK Construction Group (UKCG) and Major Housing Building Group (MHBG). The CITB accredits the Site Safety Plus Scheme, which provides construction, civil engineering and allied industries with a variety of CITB courses. Starting with a CITB health and safety awareness qualification, continuing further to an intermediate supervisory level, the scheme then progresses to advanced managerial level qualifications. The Site Safety Plus Scheme is only offered through accredited training providers, ensuring that the highest quality standards are met.

On successful completion of these CITB courses delegates will then be certificated for a five year period. Certificates may take six to eight weeks to be distributed therefore where a proof of passing is necessary a letter can be given whilst awaiting certification.

CITB Health and Safety Awareness

The one day Health & Safety Awareness course is designed for those who are thinking about a career in construction. It is the first step towards obtaining a CSCS Green Card alongside the CITB Operative’s touchscreen test. This course highlights potential hazards on site and gives you an overall ‘awareness’ of the construction site. It will underline your responsibilities on site as well as your employer’s.

Directors Role for H&S

This one day CITB training course is intended for CEOs and company directors who wish to gain a greater understanding of health and safety. The course teaches delegates how to promote a positive health & safety system within an organisation; with the purpose of appreciating the consequences of failing to manage health and safety effectively and the importance of recognising moral, economic and legal implications made in the boardroom.

SSSTS & Refresher

The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is a two day course designed for those working as a site supervisor. It is recognised as one of the key qualifications under the Site Safety Plus Scheme making it one of the most popular CITB courses and awards.

The SSSTS course will consist of how the supervisory role can support the site manager in upholding safety on site; risk assessments and a further understanding of health and safety relating to supervisors on site.

The SSSTS refresher course is one of the newer additions to the range of CITB courses available and can be completed over the course of one day. It is aimed at delegates who have previously passed the full SSSTS course and whose certificate is due to expire. This CITB course aims to bring delegates up to date with current legislation and ensure that they continue to be legal in their role on construction sites.

SMSTS & Refresher

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is a five day CITB course that covers areas including CDM regulations, duties and responsibilities. Because safety is an essential element of site management, the SMSTS training course will assist managers and potential managers in developing their knowledge, awareness and understanding to ensure safe methods of work for construction site employees.

The SMSTS refresher course is a condensed version of the full five day course that lasts 2 days and only those individuals who have passed the five day course and can provide a valid certificate will be eligible for the refresher course.


The Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) is a one day CITB course suitable for site supervisors or managers that is designed to ensure your business understands environmental issues and how these issues affect the construction site.

Temporary Works Co-Ordinator

This is a two day CITB course for those with responsibility for managing temporary works on site. This course will provide an understanding of BS 5975 and the procedural controls described within the code.

Temporary Works Supervisor

This is a one day CITB training course which will provide a Temporary Works Supervisor with the knowledge and understanding of the risk management of temporary works. The course will assist those on site who are undertaking the role of Temporary Works Supervisor and give them a thorough understanding of BS5975 in respect of this role.

Undertaking and passing the CITB training courses necessary for your role will ensure you remain legal whilst in your capacity onsite as a supervisor, manager or Director. As of January 2016, there is no longer a six month grace period for expired certificates, so ensure you book and pass the required Refresher course where offered to offer continuous services.

All of our CITB training courses are offered at locations nationwide at competitive rates. Book online to secure your place today!

Testing and training


Over the years, awareness to Occupational Health has greatly improved. Misuse of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) has been fairly commonplace. From facial hair interfering with the seal on the face to tearing off the bottom strap of the respirator, to burning holes in the filter, allowing the wearer to smoke through it, has been common practice.

Legislation, through the COSHH Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) has been put in place in an attempt to eliminate this abuse and improve awareness even further. This Face Fit Test Kit has been developed using the structure as laid down in HSE 282/28 Document. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggest that Qualitative Face Fit Testing should be conducted on all ‘tight fitting’ filtering face pieces and half mask respirators.


A qualified member of our team can visit the premises of any company using quality products and carry out the face fit testing to ensure the complete safety of your staff. Typically we are able to test up to 20 people in one day.


The nebuliser produces a mist measuring approximately 5 microns. If the wearer tastes the substance, the seal has been broken and the wearer must be re-tested. This is a perfectly safe process which could save someone’s life and reduce costs to your company through fines and civil claims.